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About Michelle

I'm a wife to my bff.  I believe communication is the most important tool in our tool box. We are partners  & support each others dreams.


Mom to the best daughter in the world & grammy to 3 awesome girls.


Last but not least dog mom to two black labs with opposites personalities. They're my babies.


I love the outdoors rain or shine. The best days are those with no planned agenda and yet you head in a direction and stumble across a treasure cove of awesomeness.

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The Small Details

Although I fell into officiating I would not change a thing. I love it that much!  I have the best clients, each with their unique story. I have been honored by their willingness to share with me their tales of meeting, dating, falling in love, experiences of struggles and yet they knew through it all they wanted their partner with them forever.  Humor, in small bits, is a special ingredient I like to add when creating ceremonies.

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